Monday, May 19, 2014

End of the Year Fun!

The end of the year is always an exciting time to be in school! 

 Our Easter themed bulletin board!

 Our April/May bulletin board!

 Our summer themed bulletin board! 
"Don't Blow It This Summer!" The kids really thought this was just hilarious!!!

Our countdown to the end of the year bulletin board! 

Music in Our Schools Month!

This month is Music in Our Schools Month! We had an exciting month full of listening to music and describing how it makes us feel! 

I took the promotion that NAfME (National Association for Music Education) dished out and set it as our monthly theme!

We made this video to share with everyone about how music makes us feel, too! 

I really wanted the whole school to be involved with this initiative, so I put up a bulletin board where teachers, faculty, students, and staff could show their appreciation of music by telling how it makes them feel! Check it out! We also listened to different eras of music in the mornings before school started! It really got people's feet moving, and made their brains wake up! It was a great time! 

Here are some pictures of our Fine Arts integrated bulletin for St. Patrick's Day! Had fun with this collaboration with our amazing art teacher!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Continuing with Tempo!

We are continuing our time in music class by studying tempo! Here are some video clips of what we are working on! 

We took the African American singing/hand game that is commonly known as "Miss Mary Mack" and took them at different tempos (largo, moderato, and presto)!

We learned continued to learn about tempo through this African American singing game, "Draw Me a Bucket!" The students really enjoyed learning the game that goes along with this really catchy song! It starts out at tempo 'moderato' then quickly changes to tempo 'presto!' Great job 5th grade!

Kindergarten and 1st Graders learned how trains have their own tempos! We became a train and listened to how a train's tempo starts at largo (slow) and moves to presto (fast)! They really enjoyed themselves!

Stay tuned for more videos!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rockin' Into The New Year @ LTN!!!

 We've had a cold two days off from school! But now it's time to "ROCK ON!!!" the new year in music! We're going to start our Music as Expression Units! This will allow the students to be creative and opinionated throughout this semester! I'm excited for what's going to unfold!

Our first major topic is TEMPO. I hope the students get a kick out of this funny bulletin board! I know I do! Tempo is the speed of the music/beat. The tempo of the music can be fast, medium or slow. Musical words used to describe tempo are in Italian. Tempo markings are usually put at the top of the sheet music
Here are some examples:
Largo= slow
Andante= 'walking' pace
Moderato= moderately, medium
Allegro= fast
Presto= very fast
Molto= very

Where can you find different kinds of tempo at home?
What kind of animals move at different tempos? 

The Holidays at LTN!

The students really enjoyed this "punny" bulletin board while learning about music vocabulary during Thanksgiving!

After Thanksgiving, lights went up around the room and gave it a true holiday feel!

 Our small owl tree!

 Our "Let It Snow" board! I created snowmen and Eskimos out of old cd's! 

My all-time favorite board so far! It's from the movie, Elf!

The Wise Owl Chorus took a field trip to share some holiday cheer by singing at our local Kroger! Many people stopped by to listen and had only great things to say about them! I was very proud of the students!

Hope everyone has had a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Festivities!

Hello all! We've been really busy in music class learning all about music in our classroom!

Here's some things that we've been doing in our classroom!

This is our first week where we really experimented with creating our own accompaniment with music! Since it's Halloween season, I've always loved teaching the kids "The Ghost of John" and they really loved learning it! They had a great time creating their own spooky accompaniment and singing the song too! Their teachers were so impressed! Great job, 2nd-5th grade!

 I extended this song into an round activity. The students really did a good job on a hard musical task like singing a 3-part round on their first day of learning what a round was! I wanted to include Orff instruments to really make it sound great, but we ran out of time having fun because the kids wanted that 3rd-part challenge!Great job, 3rd-5th graders!!!
In K-1st grade we got to go outside and do a fun singing game called, "Witch, Witch!" Oh the kids LOVED it! It became a great assessment tool for me because it allowed each kid sing by themselves as the witch/wizard (they didn't even realize they were being assessed because they were just enjoying the game of tag!) They had a really great time learning the song and the game!

I also extended this activity for K-1st graders to start talking about different contrasts in music, focusing on high/low sounds for this particular week. Since the song is a solid 'Sol-Mi' defined melody, I created small witches on broomsticks to let the students visually and aurally see the notes they were singing. The line (and notes/witches) above obviously indicates that it is higher pitch than the line (and notes/witches) below it. They really did a fantastic job and were really smart at listening and finding out which notes were higher and lower! It's also nice to dress up like the witch every now and then! AWESOME job 1st grade!

Even outside of the music room, students are learning and being challenged in music! Our October bulletin board outside the classroom has really challenged the students to keep the learning going by asking them to read the different rhythms on the board! It is a great feeling seeing them learn in other places besides the classroom!

We're having fun in music and staying on T.R.A.C.K. here at LTN!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fruit W(rap) with 2nd Grade!

The Fruit W(rap)

I'm so proud of Mrs. Claiborne's 2nd grade class! We have started our newest unit on rhythm and how it differs (yet is connected) to beat! They were tasked to create a rap that involved composing their own rhythms and using fruits to be the subject of their rap! They had to make sure that the syllables of their words fit into the rhythms that they created! Wow! What a great job, guys!